Noosa Forest Retreat started as a grass-roots community of like minded people, exploring the cutting edge of a permaculture vision.

Together, we are developing land to live an inspired and satisfying life, taking care of Earth and each other, as an applied example of the three permaculture ethics: Earth care, people care and fair share.

We founded the Permaculture Course Online in 2017 with the goal to make the Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) accessible to more people, by being affordable, flexible, easy to learn from home, a source of valuable feedback, and an interconnecting network of teachers, students & supporters.

We provide a dynamic online community & classroom that connects and supports you to complete the PDC course, learn with and from each other, plus start and develop your own real life projects.  



– How we see the future –

Humanity living as one with nature.

People taking care of each other and the environment.

A culture where brands and governments are honest,

and genuinely interested in the happiness and health of the people and the planet.

A world free from the fear of scarcity, where the natural abundance of nature is enjoyed.


– What we contribute to our vision –

Explore new sustainable ways to live an inspired and satisfying life

and provide world-class education to help people do the same.

Provide a platform to connect with others & build a long term network of like-minded people.

Teach you the PDC course, and support you in clarifying your goals, designing your life and creating a realistic plan to achieve all of this.  

Working in harmony with nature by understanding it’s natural patterns & flows.


– Why do we exist? –

To inspire, empower & support you to create a fulfilling life by understanding yourself, how nature works and using permaculture design.

Ultimately, design your life to merge work and play for a life of purpose and satisfaction.

Become part of a growing long term network of real people,

helping to establish common sense around sustainability in our culture.

An expression of intelligent design where nature is trusted to do the work for us.


– What is important to us? –

One with nature

We are the environment, not two separate things.

Respect for all life

We’re all part of the same planet.

Recognise the bigger picture

Look for & embrace the positive and negative to open & live with heart. Don’t judge.


All things as they are. Don’t lie, not even exaggerate.

Inspiration with focused Action

Don’t just become a bliss junkie.

Ongoing Growth

Start with yourself. Then expand.

Develop self-understanding & appreciation

Don’t be too hard on yourself. The direction is what counts. All “mistakes” offer lessons.

Increase magic moments

Dive to bring something back, manifest & stabilize.

Work is play

Find what you love.


– The three core ethics –

Care for the people

Care for the earth

Fair share


– What we are most interested in –

Human behaviour, experience and potential:

Peak states & performance.

Mystical, psychedelic states & experiences.

Expanded consciousness, personal & collective growth.

Biohacking, neuro-hacking, consciousness hacking.

Conflict resolution, co-operation, co-housing, land sharing.


Engineering of the above.

Green Psychology & Deep Ecology

Anthropology & Sociology

Existential Philosophy

Embodied Cognition, Epigenetics

Yoga & Ayurveda



All fields of agroecology.

Biophilic infrastructure.

Sustainable innovation.