Black Apple

Black Apple

Common name of tree Black apple / Yellow Buttonwood
Indigenous name of treeJerra-wa-wah (in NSW)
Average life of tree ?? unknown at this point
Years until first fruits3-5 years
Fruiting seasonSeptember – November, every couple of years
Number of years tree will fruit?? unknown at this point
Type of fruitBlack-skinned, whitish to pinish fleshed edible drupe with large seeds (seeds likely edible)
Country/region of originAustralia, Illawarra NSW to Central QLD (rainforest)
Average rainfall in home range1000-1700 mm
Latin name
Planchonella australis, synonym Pouteria australis
Other products/benefits Cabinet wood, carving wood
Shape of tree/profile Tall fluted trunk with dense canopy
diameter of trunk (DBH)
extent of canopy
10-12 garden,  12-30m rainforest
up to 1.2 m
6-8 m garden,  8-10 m rainforest
Challenges or special requirements·         fruit can get maggots

·         when young needs protection from afternoon sun

·         eliminate grass competition

·         enjoys fertiliser

·         likes well drained soil

·         first flowers are female, appearing in spring, male flowers following shortly after – self pollinating

Interesting facts·         Fluted trunk, can be slightly buttressed

·         Bark is a reddish brown colour, roughish texture

·         Pale green cylindrical flowers

·         leaves are hairless, dark green and glossy on top, paler but also shiny underside

Personal experienceForaged fruits at Dingo Tops

Wild Food Plants of Australia, Tim Low

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