Acacia Fimbriata


Lynda Joy Dunlea

NFR PDC Nov 2019

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Genus                                     Acacia

Species                                    fimbriata                                                         

 Common Name                   Brisbane Fringed Wattle         

Plant Family                          Mimosaceae

How to Grow/Where          Found along creeks and rainforest margins of east coast of Northern NSW to                                                                   FNQ

Height/Spacing                     Up to 7m and can have a width up to 4m.

 Hardiness                               Tolerates diverse soil and climatic conditions.

 Appearance                            Attractive shrub/tree fine leaved shrub/tree. Flowers are clusters of small yellow                                                            globules that start forming late Spring. Clusters of 4-6cm long pods that are                                                                      produced late Summer.           

Uses                                           Seeds are used in a variety of culinary methods. Brings bees, butterflies and birds                                                           into the system.

 Culture                                    Important nitrogen fixing and soil stabilizer. Very quick growing and can bring                                                               flower and seed within the first 2years.

 Pest and Disease                  Susceptible to stem cankers, fungal diseases and mildews. With experience I                                                                    have found that severe weather conditions like hail and/or extreme high cyclonic                                                            conditions that causes cambium damage has high fatality on these species.


Harvest/Post Harvest          Pods mature November-December

Seeds are collected from pods, roasted and ground for culinary choice.



I’ll be mass planting this species not only for culinary use but due to my premise being exposed to high wind and temperature it will be useful as a windbreak purpose and give other species protection from wind burn and moisture loss during growing process.

Ps My drawing skills haven’t advanced much since 1st grade but hope I got the scale kinda right.

Cheers Lynda



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