“Carica Papaya” Golden Paw Paw Plant

“Carica Papaya” Golden Paw Paw Plant

Golden Paw Paw plant

Carica Papaya

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Permaculture assignment one

Paw Paw Desgin

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I love to learn everything I possibly can. I loved my permaculture course with NFR, and I now have a large scale organic garden and food forest based on permaculture principles. I work in aged care taking care of our elderly. I live in the subtropical environment of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. (Southern end). If I’m not in my garden I spend my time studying- I’ve just finished a multitude of different courses, the most recent being Crystal Healing Diploma. I place crystals throughout my garden. My next course is a Certificate in Life Coaching! I’m on insta : CarissaJadeJ :)

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