My Tree Friend – Black Mulberry

My Tree Friend – Black Mulberry


  1. a) Average expected life of tree, in years, from sprout to death (approx numbers)

Up to 250 years

  1. b) Years until trees first fruit (ie some trees fruit within a few years, others can take decades)

10 years

  1. c) Season of year when productive tree fruits (ie Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring or combo ie Su/Au)

Late Spring to Summer

  1. d) Expected or average number years tree expected to fruit for once it begins. (ie year 8 to 20 = 12 yrs)

Every year. If cut back hard won’t fruit for two years.

  1. e) Country/area of origin

South West Asia

  1. f) Average annual rainfall in area of origin

600 – 1500mm

  1. g) Latin name of tree and family

Morus Nigra

  1. h) Any other products, benefits, useful or interesting facts about of tree:

Drought Tolerant and good shade tree. Leaves can be used to feed silkworms

  1. i) Height, width and shape of tree at maturity.

8-12m Tall

.5 – .5m Trunk

Up to 20m wide



  1. j) challenges or special requirements, such as needing other varieties in order to fruit

No particular challenges of specific needs. Wind Pollinated

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