My Tree Friend: Dwarf Peach Tree Double Jewel

My Tree Friend: Dwarf Peach Tree Double Jewel

    Janice McDonald
    Species: Dwarf Peach Tree Double Jewel Prunus Persica Double Jewel
    Climate: Subtropical
    Life Expectancy: Average 12 years, have been known to live 20 years
    Years Until Fruit Bearing: 3 years
    Fruiting Season: Summer
    Years Expected to Fruit For: 9 – 12 years
    Country / Are of Origin: Northwest China, between Tarim Basin and North slopes of
    Kunlun Mountains
    Average Annual Rainfall for Country of Origin: 2000mm
    Latin Name and Family: Prunus Persica Double Jewel of the Rosales family
    Interesting Facts and Other Purposes:
    Originally thought to be from Persia, the peach tree is a multipurpose tree tracing back to
    China. Being a deciduous tree, it creates mulch when it drops it leaves in Autumn. Wood
    from a peach tree is strong enough to be repurposed into furniture and carries a
    sweetness ideal to add flavour to meals via smoking. Being a dwarf variety, this particular
    trees wood would be more suited to small items such as stools, bowls or utensils eg,
    wooden spoons.
  • The seed contains small amounts hydrocyanic acid and along with the leaves, bark, roots
    and flowers; have been used for medicinal purposes. It has been found to be a laxative,
    diuretic, parasiticide and mild sedative. The various parts of the peach tree have been
    used to treat bronchitis, gastritis, morning sickness and as a compress for open wounds ( ).
    Height, Width and Shape of Tree at Maturity: Height: 3 m Width: 3m Shape: The peach
    tree spreads out it’s branches to reach the equivalent of its height. The branches sprout
    from the trunk approximately 1m from the ground and reach out to create an almost oval
    area of foliage
    Challenges or Special Requirements:
    The peach tree is suitable to a position in full sun or part shade. It is prone to damage
    caused by wind so is not suitable to be used as a wind break. The flowers produced on the
    tree are a combination of male and female. An insect, such as a bee is required to
    pollinate the flowers as moves from male to female flowers. The peach tree is prone to leaf
    curl and fungal diseases such as brown rot especially during humid months. It benefits
    from being companion planted with garlic and legumes as it requires rich soil. The peach
    tree benefits from cool winters as the chill encourages fruit production. Late frost during
    spring can be problematic for the tree as it can kill off young growth

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