Tree Friend: Black Mulberry (Morus nigra)

Tree Friend: Black Mulberry (Morus nigra)

Black Mulberry Tree 

(Morus nigra)

a) Average expected life of tree: 25-70 years

b) Years until trees first fruit: 1-2 years

c) Season of year when productive tree fruits: Summer

d) Average number years tree expected to fruit for once it begins: 40-50 years

e) Country/area of origin: Southwest Asia

f) Average annual rainfall in area of origin: 1500mm

g) Latin name of tree and family: Morus nigra (Moraceae family)

h) Any other products, benefits, useful or interesting facts about of tree: Delicious fruits can be eaten raw or cooked/combined in baked goods; fast growing shade tree; grows in a range of Australian climates; leaves can be used as mulch or combined in compost; leaves provide food for silk worms. 

i) Height, width and shape of tree at maturity: 10-12m in height; up to 10m in width 50-80cm truck diameter; dense deciduous canopy, oval or round in shape. 

j) Challenges or special requirements: Prefers loamy well draining soil with pH of 5.5-7; however will grow in a range of soils and climate. Drought tolerant once established. Prefers position with full sun. Fruits on new seasons growth so prune after harvest to ensure optimal new shoots for next year’s crop. 

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