Tree Friend – Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra)

Tree Friend – Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra)

Tree Friend  Black Mulberry
Morus Nigra | Moraceae

   ☀ Average lifespan:                 Between 25 and 100+ years
   ☀ Years until first fruit:          1st year
   ☀ Expected fruiting span:      40 years
   ☀ Season/s of production:     Spring, late summer
   ☀ Country/area of origin:      Southwest Asia
   ☀ Average annual rainfall:     600-2500mm/yr

Products, benefits, useful/interesting facts
☀ Fast growing ☀ Self fertilizing ☀ Able to be grown in pots
☀ Deep rooting (good for erosion) ☀ Hardy ☀ Shady canopy
   ☀ Foliage:       feed/cultivate silkworms, cook leaves
☀ Branches:   baskets, screens & fences, wood fuel
☀ Berries:       dye, wine, tea, fresh/frozen, jams, pies, desserts

Mature sizing
☀ Height:                     6-12m
☀ Width:                      6-15m
☀ Trunk diameter:    20-70cm
☀ Foliage:                    Dense canopy, spreading/vase structure,
rounded/oval leaves, Deciduous
(Dwarf varieties are around 1/2 the average size, can be pruned down to 2m)

Challenges or special requirements
   ☀ Partial/Full Sun ☀ Good drainage ☀ Neutral pH (6.6-7.3) ☀ Moderate Watering
☀ Susceptible to spider mites, whiteflies and mealybugs
☀ Ripe fruit/bird droppings can stain pathways, cars and clothing


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