Tree Friend – Valencia Orange

Tree Friend – Valencia Orange

The Valencia Orange Tree can live up to 50 years.

A Tree will begin to fruit in the first 2-5years.

The productive seasons for the Valencia is generally all year or Winter and Summer.

The Orange Tree will fruit up to 48years.

The Tree comes from India where the average rainfall would be 11-23inches per year.

The Latin name is Citrus x Sinensis Rutateae.

Mostly the Valencia is just used for its fruit, but the flowers, bark, leaves and rind are very aromatic and are used for various different things. For example tea and cookery.

The tree is round and dense and matures at 3-4m high and 3-4m wide. The diameter of the trunk at maturity is approximately 56cm. The diameter of the arbour is 244cm (on a 3m wide tree) and the radius of arbour is 122cm.

The Valencia can suffer from Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars and citrus greening, a bacteria on the leaves which can cause less fruiting and reduce life expectancy of the tree.


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