How to start with no budget.

How to start with no budget.

My wife and I moved in to our home 5 years ago.The block we moved into had no trees and no plants,since then we have created a mini forest at the front and have developed a food garden at the rear and side of the house.This has been made possible by searching for as much free stuff as possible.How?

We looked at several ways to accomplish this.

1.Recycle as much as we could from home.

2.Council throw out days.

3.Gumtree free adds.

4.Local recycling depot.

5.If having to pay,negotiate.

Any object that could no longer be used at home was either stripped down and  any usable parts kept.Council throw out days were always fun as we combed the streets for useful items.Fridges were picked up stripped and turned into garden beds,the same for filing cabinets,Pvc pipe was to be used to build structures to hold shade cloth e.t.c,when engaging in these runs have in mind what you need.Gumtree was always good,we picked up roofing iron and the odd free plant,bed frames were cut up for  post,45 gallon drums became water tanks.The council recycling depot is a place to also pick up items and always for a low cost.

We saved a great deal this way and have only spent money when needed.The rule of thumb is to have clearly in mind what you need and only search out those items.My wife says that I am one of those people who can scavenged almost anything.We have built our garden on this and are proud of what we have accomplished.


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One thought on “How to start with no budget.

  1. What a fantastic story! And one I relate to completely – although I will say that when I collect, I don’t do it solely with something in mind….I also follow my intuition. What I mean by this, is that I often find myself with something and have no idea why….within a week or so, it soon becomes apparent when a need for it arises. At first I wrote it off as coincidence, thinking what great luck it was to have kept just the right piece – now I marvel at it. It has happened so many times I have learnt to know it simply, as intuition. If it wasn’t for recycling & reuse of our abundant free resources, I would never have been able to confirm intuition’s existence. Or been able to be as affluent as I am today. I think I’ve got just about everything I could ever want! True story.

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