Tree friend Jaboticaba

Tree friend Jaboticaba


Average life of the tree

Jaboticaba trees are slow growing tropical trees, that live at least 8 years under the right conditions.

Years until first fruit

Jaboticaba can take up to 8 years to fruit.

Season most productive

Jaboticaba’s fruit in the wetter seasons with the largest harvest being Spring. Tricked with longer watering sessions they can fruit up to 6 times a year and can yield up to 45 kg of fruit in a year.

Country of Origin / Average rainfall

Jaboticaba is thought to have originated in Brazil and can be found on creek and river banks. The average rainfall of Brazil is 1000- 1500 mm.

Latin Name and Family

Myrciaria cauliflora var. Sabara

Myrtaceae family

Products, benefits, useful / interesting facts

Small grape like fruits grow on the trunk and branches. Fruit can be eaten straight off the tree, turned into jelly, jams or a drink and fermented into wine. The fruit is said to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. The tree is very slow growing, it is good for both small and large gardens and can be pruned into a hedge.

Height, width and shape of tree at maturity

Jaboticaba trees grow to between 5 – 15 m high they have lots of branches slanting out and up creating a crown of up to 13m wide that is dome shaped.

Challenges, special requirements

Jaboticabas are a tropical plant and dislike long winters, this can be rectified by growing the tree in a pot and moving it inside during winter. They like moist, rich lightly acidic soil. The skin of the fruit contains high levels of tannin so it’s best to peel the fruit before eating.

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