Black Genoa fig tree

Black Genoa fig tree

Black Genoa fig tree

Fig trees can live for hundreds of years.

Black Genoa fig will give its first fruits 2
year after it has been sown from seed.

The fruit season in the warmer parts of Australia is summer and autum, December to May.

Fig trees produce fruits until they die. But their best production time last about 15 years.

Figs originate from Middle East.

The average rainfall in the Middle East, in the area of fig’s origin is about 400mm per year.

The Latin name for fig is Ficus carica. Family of fig is Moraceae.


The fig tree is a nice tree to have on sunny hot days, because it gives good shade.

The Black Genoa fig grows to 3-5 meters in height and 3-4 meters wide. The trunk can grow up to 20 centimeters thick in diameter. But there are other fig sorts that grow bigger, up to 10 meters high.

The fig tree needs sunny hot weather for fruits to ripen. Frequent rains in this period spoil the fruits. The ground should not be too wet, otherwise the tree can die.

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