Black Mulberry Tree – Morus nigra

Common Black Mulberry Tree

Morus nigra

Latin name of tree: Morus nigra

Family: Moraceae

Country/area of origin: Southwest Asia

Average annual rainfall in area of origin: 1494mm

Average expected life of tree: 25-50 years

Years until trees 1st fruit: will fruit in first year

Expected or average number of years tree expected to fruit for once it begins: 40 years

Season of year when productive tree fruits: late spring to summer

Height, width and shape of tree at maturity (in meters):

  • 8-12m in height
  • 3-10m in width
  • 30-70cm trunk diameter
  • dense canopy, rounded/oval in shape

Challenges or special requirements, such as needing other varieties in order to fruit:

  • self-fertile
  • pH 5.5-7
  • prefer loamy, moist, fertile and well-draining soil but capable of tolerating a range of soil conditions, including gravely, wet and alkaline soils, making them a good candidate for controlling erosion.
  • position in a warm, sunny location.

Any other products, benefits, useful or interesting facts about of tree:

  • fast growing and good shade tree.
  • Fruits can be eaten directly from tree or used in jams, beverages and pies.
  • Leaves food source for silk worms


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