Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry tree

1.a) The average expected life of a black mulberry from sprout to death can be up to 300+ years.

1.b) It can be anywhere between approximately 5-15 years until trees first fruit.

1.c) Black mulberry trees fruit Spring to early Summer.

1.d) The expected or average number of years tree is expected to fruit for once it begins is approximately 70.

1.e) The black mulberry tree originated from Southwest Asia where it was cultivated for thousands of years.

1.f) The average rainfall for the mulberries area of origin is 1000-2000mm.

1.g) The Latin name for the Black Mulberry is Morus Nigra belonging to the Moraceae family.

1.h) Other products, benefits, useful and interesting facts about the black mulberry are-

•fresh fruit, baked goods (pies, tarts), dried fruit, jams, wines, fruit teas

•leaves cooked can be used like grape leaves to wrap foods, can be used like cooked greens just discard the water in which you cook the leaves

•food for wildlife, especially birds

•food for domestic poultry

•can be coppiced for fuel (wood), food (leaves), crafts (twigs)

•food source for cultivation of silkworms

1.i) Tree measurements-


Trunk diameter-45cm

Arbor diameter-15m

Shape of tree- Round to spreading with low branches.

1.j) Challenges or special requirements for the mulberry tree include providing some protection from the wind as branches can be brittle.


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