a) The walnut tree can live around 100 years

b) It begins to produce at 5-6 years, the full production is when it reaches 10-12 years old.

c) You can start to pick the green walnut at summer, for the ripe walnut is autumn when nuts start to fall off the tree. Unripe fruit is green while fully ripe fruit is yellowish verging on tan.

d) It produces walnut throughout its life

e) It’s native from middle East of Europe, and Eastern North America

f) Annual rainfall ranges around 1200mm per year

g) Juglandaceae, Juglans Nigra

h) Green walnutcan be used for making walnut wine and walnut liquor called Nocino is a green walnut liquor considered a digestif.

Ripe walnutcan be use as walnut meal, walnut oil or just eat as it is (health benefit)

Walnut wood is very hard, compact, handsome grain and durable wood. Appreciate for making furniture, cabinet…

i) Walnut tree in adult age can reach 25 meters. The tree with a 5 meters long straight trunk 25 centimetres in diameter. It has a round canopy over 15 meters.

j) Walnut tree can be toxic to certain trees and plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, cherries, apples, blueberries… if planted to close (15-20 meter from the trunk)

Exposition: Full Sun

Drainage; Well drained, fertilise soil.

For the first 5 years, the tree needs to be feed with good quality of mulch or nitrogen rich fertiliser early in the spring.

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