Carey’s Tree Friend Hass Avacado

Carey’s Tree Friend Hass Avacado

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will grow in the area of your design location ✔

Avocado Growing the crop

Table 2 – District suitability of varieties suggested for planting










Atherton Tableland – north of Walkamin



Atherton Tableland – south of Walkamin











Blackall Range, Blackbutt, Tamborine, Toowoomba



South-east Queensland (coastal)



Northern New South Wales (coastal)











Due to recommendation above, I have chosen the Hass to grow in South East Queensland (coastal)

lives at least 3 years ✔


and can become part of a food forest ✔


produces food from either fruit, nut or leaves. ✔


know their expected yield✔

Crop potential is absolutely enormous when it comes to fully grown avocado trees. This 20 year-old tree produces 1000 fruits per year


Commercial orchards produce an average of seven tonnes per hectare each year, with some orchards achieving 20 tonnes per hectare.

ability to meet the needs of the system and people it serves in measurable terms. ✔


1.) Research sources of information on your tree friend and record the following;

a)  Record average expected life of tree in years from sprout to death. (looking for approx numbers)

They have a very long life span with some trees in Mexico over 400 years old.

b) Years until trees 1st fruit. (ie  some trees can be fruiting within a few years others can take decades.)

If purchasing a tree, you can probably expect to see your first fruit 3-4 years after planting the tree. If growing from seed, it can take anywhere from 5 to 13 years before the tree is mature enough to set fruit. When the tree does flower, expect a lot of flowers to fall from the tree without setting fruit.

c) Season of year when productive tree fruits. (ie Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring or combo ie Su/Au)

September to January (Spring to Summer)

d) Expected or average number years tree expected to fruit for once it begins. (ie year 8 to 20 = 12 yrs)


  How many years will a normal avocado tree produce fruit?

As far as I know, an avocado tree will continue to grow and produce fruit until something kills the tree. The original Hass tree (1926) is still alive and producing fruit. There are some wild trees in Mexico that are over 400 years old that are still producing.

e) Country/area of origin

“Hi, I just want to point that avocado is not native to South America. In fact its origin is North/Central America (Mexico and Guatemala)?” Ricardo Pollastrini – João Pessoa – Brazil, PB 14-May-2007.

f) Average annual rainfall in area of origin

The average yearly rainfall in Mexico between the years 2010 and 2014 was 758 millimeters, or 29.84 inches. However, rainfall varies greatly depending on location and elevation above sea level.…/average-yearly-rainfallmexico-fc6a7e4205d6b034

g) Latin name of tree and family

FAMILY: Lauraceae SCIENTIFIC NAME: Persea americana Mill.

h) Any other products, benefits, useful or interesting facts about of tree, ie good shade tree or wind break, good cabinet, building or fire wood, fire resistant, flood or drought tolerant

Avacado oil is used as hair-dressing and is employed in making facial creams, hand lotions and fine soap. It is said to filter out the tanning rays of the sun, is non-allergenic and is similar to lanolin in its penetrating and skinsoftening action.

Height, width and shape of tree at maturity (in meters).  Please find measure for both diameter of trunk and also arbour (the tree foliage)

The avocado tree may be erect, usually to 30 ft (9 m) but sometimes to 60 ft (18 m) or more, with a trunk 12 to 24 in (30-60 cm) in diameter, (greater in very old trees) or it may be short and spreading with branches beginning close to the ground. Almost evergreen, being shed briefly in dry seasons at blooming time, the leaves are alternate, dark-green and glossy on the upper surface, whitish on the underside; variable in shape (lanceolate, elliptic, oval, ovate or obovate), 3 to 16 in (7.5-40 cm) long.

In deep, rich soil, the tree makes its maximum growth and a spacing of 30 or 35 ft (9.1 or 10.7 m) may be necessary.



j) challenges or special requirements, such as needing other varieties in order to fruit


Avocado flowers carry both male and female reproductive organs. Each flower opens twice over a two-day period, the first day as a female and the second day as a male. This enables the classification of varieties as either an A or a B type flower. Air temperature regulates the opening and closing of flowers.


In summary, there are three requirements for a successful fruit set:

  1. An overlapping of the flowering stages
  2. Significant insect activity, including bees
  3. Temperatures above 10o C during flowering and for the three days following.

Flowering normally lasts for three to four weeks, longer in cooler growing areas.

  • Plant your Hass avocado tree in a sunny, well-drained spot. …
  • Water regularly during dry spells to keep the soil moist but never wet. …
  • Apply a 4- to 10-inch layer of mulch beneath the avocado tree’s canopy, once or twice a year. …
  • Feed Hass avocado trees in autumn or winter.

Can be toxic to some animals such as horses, cattle, goats, rabbits and dogs

The desirable pH level is generally considered to be between 6 and 7

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