Golden Dorsett Apple

Golden Dorsett Apple



Life Expectancy Average: 50-100 years

b. Bears first fruit : 2 years (rather than the 5-8 of regular apples)

c. Productive season: June-July

d. Produces fruit for: 30+ years or 28+ productive years on average

e. Origin: Bahamas in 1950s.

f. Average rain in Bahamas: 53.5 inches/1359.2 mm

g. Malus Domestica ‘Golden Dorsett’

h. Other benefits: Shade, beauty, food for pollinators, wood is excellent for cooking/smoking and building/crafting

i. Size: Height: 7 m. Canopy width: 7 m. Trunk diameter: I found reports of 80 year old apple trees with 16 inch/406.4 mm diameter.

j. Challenges: Clay soils here need to be amended to ensure proper drainage or specific rootstock needs to be chosen. Very early bloomer, which can make it susceptible to late frosts. Possible Apple Scab issues.

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