Macadamia Nut Tree

Macadamia Nut Tree

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Macadamia Nut Tree

Latin Name of tree M. tetraphylla

Macadamia (Genus) tetraphylla (Species)

Latin name of tree familyProteaceae


Country/Area of originSubtropical east coast of Australia

North Eastern NSW; Central and South Eastern QLD

Annual rainfall in area of origin1,000–2,000 mm


Average life of treeOver 100 years
Years until first fruit7-10 years
Season when fruitsAutumn/Winter (March to July)
185 days from fruit set to maturity
Expected/average number of years expected to fruit Indefinite

Production of fruit increases annually from approximately 7 years until 15 years; production remains steady after 15 years.

42 years in commercial production

Height at maturityMedium sized tree up to 20metres
Width at maturityUp to 20metre crown width
Diameter of trunk0.3metres
Shape at maturityRound
Arbour (foliage)Dark green whorls of three or four; oblong; up to 20cm long; 3-13cm broad; toothed.
Purplish-pink flowers in pendulous sprays to 20cm occur in Spring.
Challenges/special requirementsPests & Diseases:

Rats, particularly Rattus Rattus or Black rat, are fond of the nut.

Flower & leaf eating Caterpillars. Trichogramma wasps can be used for Macadamia Nutborer control
Special Requirements:

Frost free

Needs well drained, rich, composted soil and ample moisture.

Other (products, benefits, uses, facts)Products/Uses:

–       Fruit itself; Oil; Macadamia milk; Macadamia nut butter; Wood; Gifts & cooking (e.g. chocolate covered; biscuits etc); Shells can be burned as a wood substitute when roasting coffee; Low quality kernels can be used as animal feed; Husks can be ground to produce organic waste for gardening, for mulch and for chicken litter.


–       Don’t pick the nuts from the tree; they fall to the ground of their own accord when they are ripe.

–       Kindal Kindal is the name given to the tree by Aboriginal Australians.

–       Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs

–       Handsome, ornamental tree.



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Macadamia Nut Tree

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