Macadamia Tree

Macadamia Tree


A. Average life expectancy in years from sprout to death:
After sprouting, the Macadamia Tree has a juvenile life span of approximately 6years and reaches maturity at approximately 10 years. They have been known to live over 100 years.
B. Years until first fruit:
On average, it is 7 years before a Macadamia Tree bears seeds for harvesting in notable quantities
C. Season of year that the tree produces fruit:
November to January and March to April in Australia
D. Average number of years the tree is expected to fruit for once it begins:
The Macadamia Tree can bear seeds for over 100 years after it’s first establishment of seeds mature enough to eat.
E. Country or area of origin:
The Macadamia Tree is found in remnant rainforests in Northern NSW and South East Queensland, Australia.
F. Average annual rainfall of area of origin:
The average rainfall in South East QLD is 900mm – 1200mm as reported by Queensland Government in the 2008 Climate Change report.
G. Latin name of tree and family:
Macadamia Integrifolia
H. Additional noteworthy information of the tree species:
It has a shallow root and can therefore be blown down in storms. It is also susceptible to Phytophthora; a plant damaging water mold. The nut of the tree is toxic to dogs.
I. Height, width and shape of tree at maturity:
Average height of a mature Macadamia Tree is 12-15meters but can reach heights of 20m
Average trunk diameter of a mature Macadamia Tree is 300mm
Average arbour diameter of a mature Macadamia Tree is
The shape of the Macadamia Tree is described as round due to it having a similar height and crown width.
J. Challenges or special requirements of growth:
Aside from land clearing, the greatest threat to the Macadamia tree is weed growth and wildfire. Excessive weed growth around the base of the trunk makes it more susceptible to fire damage and make reproduction difficult. They also require well drained soils which can be compromised by animals that compress the soil. The Macadamia Tree can sustain light frosts although prefer climates that don’t reach below 10degrees Celsius. Optimal temperature is 25degrees.

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