Mango Tree

Mango Tree

a) Lifespan – up to 300 years

b) 1st Fruiting – if they are grafted trees 3-5 years, seedlings 1st fruit between 5-8years

c) Seasonal fruiting – Spring through Summer

d) Yield – 35 years plus

e) Place of Origin – Indian subcontinent, predominantly in the state of Utter Pradesh

f) Average Rainfall in Utter Pradesh – 300-650ml though this is mostly through monsoon downpours

g) Latin Name and Family – Mangifera Indica – from the sumac and poison ivy family

h) Products and Uses – In India they grind the mango seeds to make flour and also eat the seeds when food availability is low.

They provide great shade under their canopy.

After fruiting years the hardwood timber is used to create boats, flooring, furniture and musical instruments. It is not sturdy enough for building with however. It is lighter in weight than most hardwoods and is highly water resistant.

Burning mango wood releases dangerous toxic fumes.

i) Height, Width and Shape – fully matured trees reach 35-40 meters high whilst most trees you will find are around 10 meters. Their arbors are normally 10 meters wide however fully matured can reach 25 meters wide and their trunks can reach up to 1.5 meters in diameter. They have a thick, sturdy trunk and off the ground branches.

j) Special Requirements – mango trees must remain in temperatures above -1 degree Celsius or they will most likely die. They are extremely susceptible to fungal disease, particularly in wet conditions.

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