1. Meyer Lemons can live up to 30 years from sprout to death.
  2. If a Meyer Lemon tree has grown from seed it can take up to 7 years to fruit.
  3. The Meyer lemon tree is able to fruit all year, however the major time of harvest is winter, this is when commercially grown Meyer Lemons are in the greatest supply.
  4. The tree will continue to fruit for up to 20 years after first fruiting.
  5. The country of origin is China.
  6. Because the origin of the lemon tree is highly debated and the Meyer lemon tree is In fact thought to be a cross between a true lemon and a common orange the rainfall of the areas can range from 45inches to 80 inches which is that of China, however the argument is that oranges originated from the northern parts of India/ Southern China. Where monsoon rains account for most rain, this makes it really hard to come to a conclusion for average rainfall. But because Northern India average rainfall can be as low as 15 inches, its safe to say that the average rainfall of the area is closer to that of 30 inches.
  7. Meyer Lemon Latin name is Citrus x Meyer its family is Rutaceae. It is thought to be a cross between a true lemon and a common orange.
  8. Meyer lemons can create their own canopy depending on pruning and can provide really good shade; the leaves create a great aroma for inside the house or for cooking with. The wood is fine grain and can be used to carve small items.
  9. The tree can grow to 4-6 metres high and 4-6 metres wide, the tree can get to 30 cm in diameter of the trunk. I picked Meyer lemons for a commercial grower and I found the trees to be approximately 5 metres high at maturity with around a 3-metre width.
  10. Meyer trees are self-pollinating, some of the major challenges are that they are very sensitive to wind; also like all lemon varieties don’t produce well with a frost. (Meyer Lemons are the most cold hardy of the lemon tree varieties common in Australia, a big reason as to why I chose them as my tree friend)


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