Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree

My Tree Friend – The Avocado Tree

  1. Average expected life = 40 years
  2. Years until tree firsts fruits = Approx. 5 years
  3. Season of year when productive tree fruits = August to January (Spring/Summer)
  4. Expected number of years expected to fruit = 20 to 30 years
  5. Country of Origin = Areas of Southern Mexico and Central America
  6. Average annual rainfall in area of origin = 990mm to 3000mm per year
  7. Latin name of tree and family = Persea Americana, from the flowering plant family Lauraceae
  8. Interesting facts = Evergreen tree. Avocado trees are not suited to poorly drained or wet areas ie. Plant on a slope.
  9. Height, width and shape of tree at maturity (in meters) – Truck & Arbour / Tree foilage = Height – up to 10m. Width – up to 8m.

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