Olive tree (Olea europaea)

Olive tree (Olea europaea)

Olive tree :

Family : Oleacea

Gender : Olea

species : europaea

This tree is has a very long life, it’s expeted life can be more than 2000 years.

We have to wait minimum 7 years until the 1st fruit.

Fruits are producted in autumn.

Expected number of years tree expected to fruit for once it begins : 150 years.

Country of origin : Syria.

Average rainfall in area of origin : more or less 400mm/year (the tree can live with only 220mm/year).

This tree is drought tolerant, evergreen and has a slow growth.
The wood is very durable, high combustion temperature and very beautiful.
This tree has been cultivated for olive oil, fine wood, olive leaf, and the olive fruit. About 90% of all harvested olives are turned into oil, while about 10% are used as table olives.
This tree is also a international symbol of peace.

Proportions :
Height : 8 to 12 meters
Width : around 5 meters
Trunk width : around 1 meter
Shape : overhanging canopy with bare trunk

Challenges or special requirements for this tree:
This tree needs other varieties in order to fruit (cross-pollination).
The most serious pest is the olive fruit fly (Dacus oleae or Bactrocera oleae) which lays its eggs in the olive most commonly just before it becomes ripe in the autumn. The region surrounding the puncture rots, becomes brown, and takes a bitter taste, making the olive unfit for eating or for oil. For controlling the pest, classic organic methods have now been applied such as trapping, applying the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, and spraying with kaolin. Such methods are obligatory for organic olives.

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