Pecan Tree – Carya illinoinensis

Pecan Tree – Carya illinoinensis

Pecan Tree

  1. a) Average expected life of tree, in years, from sprout to death (approx numbers)

100 + years but can live up to 400 years.

  1. b) Years until trees first fruit (ie some trees fruit within a few years, others can take decades)

3-10 Years Grafted 3-7 years

  1. c) Season of year when productive tree fruits (ie Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring or combo ie Su/Au)


  1. d) Expected or average number years tree expected to fruit for once it begins. (ie year 8 to 20 = 12 yrs)

100 years plus

  1. e) Country/area of origin

Central and Eastern North America and the river valleys of Mexico

  1. f) Average annual rainfall in area of origin

California 21.44 inches

Mexico 39.4 inches

  1. g) Latin name of tree and family

Carya illinoinensis Juglandaceae

  1. h) Any other products, benefits, useful or interesting facts about of tree:
  • Nut – Raw. Excellent taste in both Pecans and selected Hickories.
  • Nut – Cooked. Used in desserts, breads, baking, etc.
  • Nut – “Milk” can be made from Pecan nuts
  • Nut – Oil. An edible oil can be pressed from Pecans

  • Secondary Uses:
  • General insect pollen plant – attracts beneficial insects which feed on the pollen of these trees
  • Wildlife food
  • Wildlife shelter
  • Windbreak plant
  • Sap is edible (Hickories) – can be tapped like Maples and reduced (with heat) to make syrup. I have yet to try this syrup, but the reports on flavor I have found range from very good to fair and slightly bitter. Interesting.
  • Coppice Plant
  • Wood used for poles, posts, fence posts, stakes, tool handles (axes!).
  • Wood used for fuel (firewood), charcoal.
  • Wood is a great wood for smoking meats.
  • Dynamic Accumulator– Potassium and Calcium for all species; Phosphorus in Shagbark Hickory ( ovata)
  • Biomass Plant – large tree with lots of leaf-fall every Autumn that can be left to decompose and build the forest soil, or it can be moved and used in other places or composted.


  1. i) Height, width and shape of tree at maturity.

Up to 18-25 meters tall and wide

Trunk up to 2 meters

  1. j) challenges or special requirements, such as needing other varieties in order to fruit

Some varieties need a pollinator. Very hardy once established.

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