Spanish Chestnut

Spanish Chestnut

Spanish chestnut, Sweet chestnut

a) Average expected life of tree, in years, from sprout to death

500 to 600 Years in a nursery / 2000 years naturally

b) Years until trees first fruit

3- 5 Years from a grafted tree cutting, or 20 years from seed

c) Season of year when productive tree fruits

AutumnSeptember to November

d) Expected or average number years tree expected to fruit for once it begins. 50 years

e) Country/area of origin: Turkey, Mediterranean area

f) Average annual rainfall in area of origin receives 2,200 millimeters annually

g) Latin name of tree and family : Castanea sativa, Fagaceae

Chestnuts can be used as a natural soap due to high concentrations of soaponins in the seed. Can be caprice to produce rot resistant timber. Uses include barrel making, furniture production and as the high tannin content makes it suitable for outdoors, fencing, posts and stakes.

i) Height, width and shape of tree at maturity. Up to 100 ft (30m) in height, 50 ft (15 m) in diameter. Trunk often 2 m (7 ft) in diameter. Deciduous Tree, Tree crown is round. Arbour 15m that overhangs

Needs another tree to produce fruit even though each tree can contains both male and female parts. Wind pollinated. Also susceptible to chestnut blight.


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