Tree Friends – Rollinia Deliciosa

Tree Friends – Rollinia Deliciosa

Rollinia Deliciosa a.k.a. ROLLINIA


Life expectancy

-At least 15 years


Years until first fruit

-Within 3 years



-Main crop is August-September-October


Expected or average number of fruiting years

– ~15 years


Country of origin

-Native to lowlands of Brazil


Average annual rainfall in area of origin

– >1300mm


Latin Name of Tree and Family

Rollinia Deliciosa



Interesting facts

-Flood tolerant, sun loving, leaves are up to 35 cm long

-Fruit has extremely short shelf life

-Used to make wine in Brazil

-Can use the wood for boat construction


Height, width, shape

-Height 4-15m, Width 3.5-4m, dense rounded canopy


Special requirements

-Very susceptible to wind damage, particularly when young

-Intolerant of temperatures below 3˚C



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