10 Windbreak trees for the Sunshine Coast

10 Windbreak trees for the Sunshine Coast

10 Wind Break Trees For The Sunshine Coast

1- Hibiscus Tiliaceus ( Cotton Tree) used for rope making and the bark for infusion for antiseptic

2- Pandanus ( Bush tucker fruit growing to 40cm wide)

3- Syzygium luehmannii (Bright Red Edible Fruit)

4- Bottle brushes (Good for bees and Birds)

5- Olive Trees ( Great food source)

6- Lemon Scented Myrtle ( Bird attracting and leaves used for cooking)

7- Coastal Pine ( Great for native bird wild life)

8- Blueberry ash ( Great for butterfly and birds)

9- Blue Lilly Pilly ( great Edible food source and bird attracting)

10- Weeping Baeckea ( only 2.5 but will act as a great windbreak or visual affect, attracts butterflies)

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