10 wind break species for the Sunshine Coast

10 wind break species for the Sunshine Coast

  1.  Hibiscus tiliaceus – Cottonwood (flowers, edible, medicinal)
  2.  Leptospernum laevigatum Australian Tea Tree(flowers, medicinal)
  3.  Acronychia laeris Hard Aspen/Northern White Lilly Pilly (aromatic, flowers, edible)
  4.  Cupaniopsis anacardioidesTuckeroo (flowers, edible)
  5.  Melaleuca viridiflora – Broad Leaved Paperbark (flowers, medicinal, bark useful)
  6.  Banksia aemula Wallum Banksia (flowers)
  7.  Pipturus argenteus – Native Mulberry (flowers, edible, dye)
  8.  Alectryon subcinereus – Native Quince (flowers, edible)
  9.  Sterculia quadrifida – Peanut Tree (edible, medicinal)
  10.  Backhousia myrtifolia – Lemon/Grey Myrtle (flowers, drinkable)

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