DIY Worm Tower / Hotel = Perpetual Organic Garden

DIY Worm Tower / Hotel = Perpetual Organic Garden

This DIY Worm Tower / Hotel instantly delivers high-value worm juice directly to the root zone creating high-quality organic garden soil.  Here’s how…


Soil which easily allows burial of Worm Tower / Hotel:

  • Raised garden bed.
  • Loose soil in deep garden bed.
  • Large pot.
  • Stack of three car tyres (rims removed).

Note:  Car tyre stack is ideal for root-crop (eg. potatoes) as when pushed over, harvest is as simple as picking up!


  1. Worm Tower / Hotel made from any plastic container  (eg. old drain pipe, large soft-drink bottle, tall & skinny bucket etc.)
  2. Attach ‘step’ or ‘hole-saw’ drill bit to electric  (or hand-powered) drill.

Note:  Where possible, re-purpose waste into a valuable resource (eg. use drain pipe scraps).  Also, a ‘step’ drill bit accommodates various hole sizes, this increases flow rate (between Worm Tower / Hotel and root-zone. 


  1. Dig a hole & position Worm Tower / Hotel at the most central location.
  2. Ensure the centre is free from soil.  Fill with organic material (eg. kitchen scraps, garden ‘waste’ [green and/or brown], grass clippings, plain [un-dyed] cardboard/paper etc).
  3.  Collect worms (from thick & moist mulch, compost heaps, turkey nest etc.).  Gently place into Worm Tower / Hotel (do not press too hard as worms are sentient beings).
  4. Cover from sunlight to prevent drying out.


  • Two weeks growth (back).
  • Four weeks growth, flower buds starting to develop (front).



 With special thanks to…

The Health Retreat

(Kiels Mountain, QLD.)

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