Whales & permaculture…inspired by WORLD WHALE DAY !

Whales & permaculture…inspired by WORLD WHALE DAY !

WHALES & PERMACULTURE …today is ‘World Whale Day’ – a great time to remember whales & explore just how versatile permaculture is.  Let’s do this by bringing together whales & permaculture.  Firstly, we can consider the significance of whales on Earth.  Whales…perform ecological roles within the marine environment, emotionally connect the human culture to the environment, are aesthetically pleasing & are a tourist attraction.  Permaculture…a sustainable lifestyle plan which manages the landscape & meets the needs of everyday life (food, shelter & potentially finances).  Let’s see where we can bring these together.  Can we couple the whale tourism industry & meeting food needs using permaculture methods?  How about a whale tourism & education facility coupled to a permaculture restaurant & education centre.  Let’s list some of the features each could provide:

  • Using permaculture methods, the restaurant can feed the whale tourists.
  • Using old cooking oil, the restaurant can supply biodiesel to the whale boats.
  • Using the permaculture garden, the whale boats can produce their own biodiesel by growing eucalyptus trees & algae.
  • Both the permaculture restaurant & whale business can share a coastal property.
  • Both the permaculture restaurant & whale business can share students.

We’ve done it – coupled WHALES & PERMACULTURE!

IMAGE (after): Pinterest. 2018. Blue whale drawing. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.pinterest.com.au/explore/blue-whale-drawing/?lp=true. [Accessed 17 February 2018].

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