What is Permaculture & How Can it Meet Our Needs?

What is Permaculture & How Can it Meet Our Needs?

A collaborative brainstorm which produced two mind map graphics.

On 1st June, 2019 I was invited to Introduce Permaculture at the Coolum Women’s Shed – Garden Group start-up.  I wasn’t sure how much the group knew or what I should share with them.  So, I used a knowledge harvesting technique I learnt from Robin Clayfield (during her Dynamic Groups course).  I posed the questions…


…then asked each person to write as many answers as they could think of onto separate pieces of paper.  These were then stuck onto a large piece of cardboard (one for each question) as so…

  • If two people had the same answer = placement was one on top of the other (overlaying).
  • If the answer was similar, but not the same = placement was next to.
  • If the answer was unrelated = placement was somewhere else.

The result was a collaborative brainstorm mind map.  Which was later – turned into a graphic.

Let’s check out the results!

The first question…

…turned into a neat graphic:

…and the second question:

…turned into a neat graphic:

Thanks to all who contributed!


Coolum Women’s Shed:


Robin Clayfield – Earthcare Education:


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