Hi to all like-minded holistic persons,


What a lovely Permaculture Course Introduction. It was short, sweet and educational. There was just the right amount of valuable information in the free introductory course to get you thinking and to keep you wanting more. I have just recently completed my Holistic Life Coaching Certification. I have completed other courses in Hypnotherapy, Meditation Creation, Counseling, Cognitive Behavior and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I love studying and educating people on these topics. The average rat-race participant or corporate individual has not really taken interest to educate themselves about the fast decline of all our natural environments and resources. It is so important for all holistically inclined individuals to educate the masses. Together, we can all make a difference with decreasing the negative impacts that the human race currently has on our environment. Its time to give back more and take less, so Im working towards a very minimalist lifestyle and plan to develop a Tiny Home Community here in South Africa with 8 year plan for Permaculture farm for residential consumption and would love the opportunity to introduce myself to potential investors. Let us all be grateful for the opportunity to learn about what truly matters and act on what will make the greatest different.


Keep up the great work…. Love and light to all!


Kayla-Teri Hofer (South Africa)

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