Gotu Kola (aka. Pennywort)

Gotu Kola (aka. Pennywort)

GOTU KOLA (or INDIAN PENNYWORT)…is a wild groundcover found almost ubiquitously the world over.  Abundant after rain or in permanently wet locales, it’s health benefits are profound.  A daily wild forage of just 2 large leaves eaten upon collection or in salad ensures it’s protective benefits (1).  It’s ability to strengthen both vein & nerve sheaths as well as brain synapses gives it a reputation as a cure-all (2).  Pharmaceuticals made out of it are widely distributed and too many to name.  Next time you see it growing after rain, or in a wet ditch – give it a little thumbs up – or better yet, remember where it grows and harvest it’s leaves daily for your morning cup or tea!  (TIP:  The leaves are serrated & the taste is slightly bitter…that’s the medicinal alkaloids talking!)

Scientific name:  Centella asiatica



(1)  Herbs are special. 2020. Gotu kola. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 30 April 2020].

(2)  Gohil, K. J., et al. (2010). “Pharmacological review on Centella asiatica: a potential herbal cure-all.” Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 72(5): 546



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