The Bunyip Pump: Pumping water with water. No electricity. No fuel.

The Bunyip Pump: Pumping water with water. No electricity. No fuel.

Unlike a ram pump, the Bunyip pump can operate on low pressure and is self regulating.

In this little video Ian Trew interviews one of the co-founders and designers of the Bunyip pump – Brett Porta. Brett explains some details and benefits and how easy it is to maintain.

Brett Porta is the designer and builder, Ralph Glockemann is the inventor, they work together as a team.

The main benefits of the Bunyip water pump:

Self regulating

The Bunyip Water Powered Pump is unique, because it can work on very small fall or drop, down to 300mm as well as going up to a 5m fall or drop that drives the pump.

It is also unique, as it can run on small flows of water as well as fluctuations of flow.

The Bunyip will just pump slower when the water slows down or stops, waiting for the flow to start again, and then just start again, self regulating.

Easy maintenance

You only have to change the seals every now and again. The seals that are used in the pump are simple seals you can buy of the shelf at any hydraulic or agricultural shop.

Where to get Bunyip pumps:

Bunyip Water Pumps


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