10 Windbreak species for Coolgardie, NSW

Very windy up here at times so shelter and wind breaks are much needed!

  • Passionfruit vines = beautiful fruit great distance covered for shelter in summer and lets light through when leaves die off.
  • Lilly pilly Acmena Smithii = thick and lush pleasant to look at.
  • Fejoa hedges Acca Selliana= hardy ever green leathery leaves heavy crops of fruit red flowers
  • Flame pea= colour and shade
  • Apple trees =beautiful fruit solid root foundation for wind resistance
  • Macadamias= fruit and wood to burn help buffer gardens
  • Bottle brush wind break shade. Nice yellow flowers
  • Smooth barked apple murtle. strong and hardy
  • Bush Lemon fruit, shade and fire wood
  • Wooly brush reduce velocity of wind and nice shade

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