Wind Protection: Local native plants Tilligerry area

10 native plant species for wind breaks in the local/Tilligerry area + helpful attributes:

1. Melaleuca hypericifolia (Hillock Bush) – flowers / pollinators
2. Omalanthus populifolius (Bleeding Heart) – ornamental garden plant (beauty)
3. Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo) – Street tree, Decorative fruit, Erosion control, Fast growing
4. Exocarpos cupressiformis (Native cherry) – The timber was historically used for making furniture, gun-stocks, and tool handles
5. Acacia suaveolens (Sweet scented wattle) – pollinators / beauty
6. Acacia sophorae (Coastal wattle) – screening, sand stabilisation and wind shelter
7. Banksia aemula (Wallum Banksia) – It is a very low maintenance shrub, good for containers
8. Banksia Oblongifolia (Fern-leaved Banksia) – hardy and beauty
9. Banksia Robur (Swamp Banksia) – Cut flower, Bog gardens, Erosion control, Fast growing, Playground friendly
10. Melaleuca nodosa (Ball Honey myrtle) – hedging plant, tolerates harsh coastal/salt areas

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